Lumberjack – Winter Ale

For us, wintertime means cozy evenings in front of the fireplace, hearty food and full-bodied beers. Our Lumberjack Winter Ale is a top-fermented red ale aged on oak, which gives it its unique flavor. Our special malt blend, paired with the aroma hop Nugget, produces notes of herbs and red fruits. These flavors are perfectly complemented by the woody, vanilla aroma we’ve drawn from the oak aging process.

HOPS: Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, Amarillo

MALTS: Pale Ale malt, wheat malt, caramel malt 

CHARACTER: Malty , cozy

ALCOHOL: 5,5 % vol


COLOR: Foxy Red

BEST AT: 10 °C

PAIRS WELL WITH: Venison, sweet chestnuts, baked apples

Ratherrn Lumberjack Winter Ale

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